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Sovereignty & a Lilith Moon Circle

Sovereignty & a Lilith Moon Circle

What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is the state of being self-referencing. Self-referencing is the intellectual, emotional, somatic, spiritual and sexual capacity to know and live from our center, our ground. It means our nervous systems are tipped in the direction of health (rest and digest, vs fight/flight/freeze), our limbic imprinting has a foundation of healthy attachment, and that we are resourced with tools and community to help us when we lose our center. It means our loving witness is greater than our critics, defenses, or young, under-resourced selves. Sovereignty is intertwined with interdependence, with a partnership model of personal and collective power.

Turning Towards: A Community Labyrinth Walking Ritual

Turning Towards: A Community Labyrinth Walking Ritual

In the face of overwhelm, despair and heartbreak, we want to turn away--from the pain, the stress, the hurt. But too often that means we also turn away from Life itself, from our much needed connection to the Earth, to each other, to Source.

Join me on Sunday, September 28th, as we take our hearts and our hope to turn toward Life and each other.  Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve has been a sacred sanctuary for me for 20 years, and I'll be leading you to walk the four labyrinths to make embodied prayers for our relationship with Earth, Body, Eros and Community.

Eros & Intution: Come Circle This Fall to Claim Your Inner Spark

Eros & Intution: Come Circle This Fall to Claim Your Inner Spark

I have been circling with other human beings for over 20 years. 

It began back in college--a feminist circle for queer and straight women, to speak our experiences, claim our truth, and support each other. 

When I moved to California when I was 23 I dove headlong into the worlds of birth, sex, healing and spirituality, and never looked back.  Many of these have been women's circles, or circles of queer folk, but what has always mattered most is coming together with intention, sincerity, vulnerability, and an open heart. 

For the past 8 years I have circled consistently with a small group of women, diving into our innermost realms and sharing all the tears, laughter, conflict and love that comes with getting real. 

Many times when I have shared about this circle with others in my life women eagerly ask if it is open, or if I know of other ones like it--the hunger to circle together is strong! 

For a long time I didn't have a good answer, because my circle was not open and I didn't really know anyone else who was doing something similar.

But today I have good news! 

This autumn I am co-facilitating a local/live 7 session women's circle with Amy White, an intuitive coach, medium and energy healer. 

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Are you curious about flower essences but not exactly sure what they are or how they work? Maybe you're ready to get some but are having a hard time deciding.  Or maybe you want to tell me about a magical experience you've had with them?  I'd love to hear from you!  You can schedule a 'friendly chat', a free 20 minute call to connect.  Or if you'd like to simply email me with a question or to share an an experience, you can write directly to me at resonant.pleasure (at) gmail.com