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Core Desire Is the Place of Coherence & Embodiment

Core Desire Is the Place of Coherence & Embodiment

Core Desire is the place of coherence and embodiment, where who we know ourselves to be in a body, with desires, with authentic gender expression, with real needs and feelings and messiness, allows us to feel coherent.  Not finished/perfected, not aspirationally sexy or rich, but coherent.


I would never want to be 'finished'.  Unfolding, exploring, being curious--probably the ultimate non-sexual (and sexual!) turn-on for me.  But for a long time I felt there was something I was chasing, inside myself.  Something that wouldn't let me off the hook, wouldn't let me ignore it.  And what it asked of me was to keep stripping away all that wasn't truly me.  All that had been "given" to me without consent, without discernment, without kindness.  And I had grown enough to not be able to tolerate it any more.  Honestly, I never really had, but I had to go on my own journey, through all the things I am passionate about (birth, sex, death, plant medicine, witchery, liberation, story, poetry, the soul) to be nourished enough to withstand the stripping down.


Soul Mothering: The Foundation of Core Desire

Soul Mothering: The Foundation of Core Desire


Soul Mothering is the foundation of Core Desire. It is the intention, practices, and in-action love for ourselves and the world that create safety and coherence with our being and body for all of ourselves.


It is a soul process because it affirms the presence of Spirit in our Flesh, and honors the individual constellation of our humanity while simultaneously re-weaving the web of life within, around, and between us. 


Soul Mothering is inherently a process of healing Eros because our bodies, and all life, are sensual--we feel, we flow, we spark, we dance. 


Our bodies, our desires, our flesh has been slandered in an effort to shame--and therefore control and suppress--the vast power of bodies that are othered, that are not white/cisgender/male/heterosexual/colonizer, etc.  So the fastest way back to our wholeness, our vitality, our agency--both individually and collectively--is to reclaim our desire, our erotic truth, our embodiment, in a way that makes space for a complexity of truths. 


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