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Sacred Feminine Agency

Sacred Feminine Agency

We are learning how to live with our hearts broken open.  The many atrocities that enrage, horrify and pierce our hearts have been happening, under...
This Is Magdalene Medicine

This Is Magdalene Medicine

She stood by the tomb while the powers of death raged inside and out She aligned herself with the oldest womb the original one that holds our bones...
The Last Time We Wore Gold

The Last Time We Wore Gold

The last time we wore gold We knew what radiance was— Dancing with the Dragon,  Sophia, All light was the dance Inside and out   The last time w...

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Are you curious about flower essences but not exactly sure what they are or how they work? Maybe you're ready to get some but are having a hard time deciding.  Or maybe you want to tell me about a magical experience you've had with them?  I'd love to hear from you!  You can schedule a 'friendly chat', a free 20 minute call to connect.  Or if you'd like to simply email me with a question or to share an an experience, you can write directly to me at resonant.pleasure (at) gmail.com