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Sexual Sovereignty: Foundation of Freedom & Pleasure

Sexual Sovereignty: Foundation of Freedom & Pleasure

We are living the fracture of body, sex and spirit. This belief, which we have swallowed en masse as untenable reality, keeps us unrooted, disconnected from our power, fearful of our pleasure. It denies the ecstatic presence of Spirit in all matter, in the possibility that we can change this collective nightmare into a living dream of true harmony, true health, true love.

The root of this wound is a denial of the sovereignty of the Earth, of her existence as an autonomous living being, and the wisdom, creativity and divinity inherent in her body, which is all matter. Anyone knows that if you remove a child from their mother that child will wither, will suffer, may even die. He or she will certainly carry the wound of abandonment and how we learn to abandon ourselves so that no one will have the chance to abandon us first.

Personal Medicine & Collaborative Magic: Inquiry & Invitation

Personal Medicine & Collaborative Magic: Inquiry & Invitation

Some questions that have been on my mind, in my heart and percolating in my body: How do we individually and collectively navigate the overwhelming...
Sovereignty & a Lilith Moon Circle

Sovereignty & a Lilith Moon Circle

What is sovereignty? Sovereignty is the state of being self-referencing. Self-referencing is the intellectual, emotional, somatic, spiritual and sexual capacity to know and live from our center, our ground. It means our nervous systems are tipped in the direction of health (rest and digest, vs fight/flight/freeze), our limbic imprinting has a foundation of healthy attachment, and that we are resourced with tools and community to help us when we lose our center. It means our loving witness is greater than our critics, defenses, or young, under-resourced selves. Sovereignty is intertwined with interdependence, with a partnership model of personal and collective power.

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