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Elevation! New Potions & a Sale on all In-Stock Elixirs & Oils

Happy Fall! Over here in Oakland I'm deep in the energy of my personal harvest, of both this year and of many years' work.

During the first half of the year I could feel that the apothecary was in a fallow place, which felt accurate as I tended to other parts of my work and healing practice that needed deepening and refinement. There was a visceral sense of another level of alignment and expression getting ready to come through, in its own time.

And then in mid-summer, as I was preparing to facilitate a womxn's grief ritual working with Sophia, new visions and downloads from Spirit began to come through again: that I was to make an essence during the grief ritual, with the group participating. And it was so beautiful and powerful! Before and after sharing the grief she carried, each womxn rang the crystal (F# Heart) singing bowl that held spring water and crystals.  If you want to read more about that potion, Sophia: Hearts Broken Open, you can see that over here and get all the juicy details


Since then I have made two other potions, Christos: Kenosis, created in solo tantric ritual on the night of the Aquarius New Moon in August, also with the F# bowl, and Ascension Rose & Frankincense Anointing Oil.  These will be shipping out as soon as their labels arrive next week so they are available to order individually or as the Ascension Trinity Ritual Kit!


All these creative juices flowing finally opened up the rest of the energy I could feel wanting to shift in the apothecary--it's like things suddenly came into focus. Over the next months I'll be revealing both potions you haven't seen before as well as old favorites elevated to a more refined status!

In the meantime, I'm having a sale on all in-stock elixirs and oils. There is a limited supply so if you've got your eye on something don't wait!

Here are direct links to get you right to old favorites and new magic:

In-Stock Sale

Calm & Comfort Honey

Christos Frankincense Anointing Honey

Clear Channel Elixir

Clear Purpose Elixir

Clear Sight Elixir

Hieros Gamos Sacred Marriage Anointing Oil

Loving Boundaries Elixir

Magdalene-Sophia the Beloved Elixir

Attune Elixir

Love Squared Elixir

Magician's Stone Elixir

Manifest Elixir

Midline Elixir

Cailleach: Earth Power Rising Snake Wisdom Elixir

Inanna: Sexual Sovereignty Snake Wisdom Elixir

Lilith: Sacred Non-Compliance Snake Wisdom Elixir

Soul Anointing Trio Oils

Magdalene Trinity Full Flowering Elixir

Magdalene Trinity Gift of Presence Elixir

Magdalene Trinity Rooted Eros Elixir


New Elixirs & Oils

Sophia: Hearts Broken Open Elixir

Christos: Kenosis Elixir

Ascension: Rose & Frankincense Anointing Oil

Ascension Trinity Ritual Kit (all 3 above potions)


Stay tuned for the Initiated Masculine Elixirs, Brigid Trinity Elixirs, anointing oils to work with the different elixir lines, and more!

in love & magic,




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