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Embodied Leadership Ritual Kit

Embodied Leadership Ritual Kit

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The Embodied Leadership Ritual Kit includes:

Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Disconnected from the wisdom of your body & the Earth
  • Stuck in patterns of fear, self sabotage, and isolation that keep you small & complicit with systems of oppression.
  • Difficulty in communicating your truth with ease.
  • Conflicted relationship with power.


Pattern of Regeneration:

  • Deeply rooted in the power, pleasure & wisdom of your body & the Earth
  • Courageous presence & meaningful action in service to the mutual liberation of self & all life
  • Using your heart-full voice to speak truth and hold space for all voices to come forward
  • Trusting your power within


Combining sacred feminine and masculine archetypes of Hekate & The King, the Embodied Leadership Ritual Kit offers delicious resources to liberate your power & magic.

Hekate helps us heal the wound of feeling that we need to choose between being safe and having our power.  

The King embeds the powers of discernment, intellectual clarity, and expansiveness in service to the land, all forms of life, and the Divine Feminine.

Hieros Gamos Anointing Oil invites the sacred marriage of healthy masculine and feminine qualitie of power and leadership to be integrated and embodied for the benefit of all.

Christo Frankincense Anointing Honey is used to bless our tongue and speech before all kinds of communication so that our speech becomes the Sacred Word to heal the world.


Download a full guide & description of kit here.