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The Magdalene Trinity Healing Essences

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Magdalene Rising

Marry yourself, here and now.  
Take a vow of non-abandonment, of non-shaming.  
Take a vow of curiosity, and self-pleasure.
Break up every stone you used to build a wall between you and love,
and use the dust to build a temple
to the messy, ecstatic vulnerability of Life.

Reading this, you are charged.  

In the name of love, forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself a hundred times,
and then go out to long for the Moon,
to make love to the Sun,
to drown in the Ocean
and to bury yourself in the Mountain.

I will be there.

I always have.


The Magdalene Trinity was created during the waxing moon in Leo and the once-in-a-lifetime Full Moon in Sagittarius on the Summer Solstice.  This trio supports the loving transformation of the Sacred Feminine as we move from a collective phase of gathering and remembering lost wisdom to integration and action from the center of our embodied being.

Each essence is a synergy of one flower and one gem, creating a vibration distinct from their individual signatures, and since 'love medicine' makes everything go better, they are in a base of rose-infused raw honey and brandy.  The essences can be taken individually or together, and typical dosage is 7 drops on the tongue or in water, 3x day or as intuited.  

Full Flowering ~ Red Peony & Blue Apatite
Gift of Presence ~ Honeysuckle & Desert Rose
Rooted Eros ~ Cecile Brunner Rose & Carnelian


Full descriptions available under individual essence pages.

3 x 1 oz bottles
Spring Water, Brandy, Rose-Infused Raw Honey/Brandy Mixture, Energy Signature of Flowers & Gems

Essences can also be made in a plain base of spring water and glycerin (alcohol-free).