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The Red Thread: Walking the Path of our Sacred Erotic Intelligence

The Red Thread: Walking the Path of our Sacred Erotic Intelligence

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Within our bloodstream is the womb wisdom of our foremothers, and it calls to us to join in the passionate dance of life.

To embrace our Sacred Erotic Intelligence is to bring Spirit all the way into Matter, to embody the sacred marriage of seeming opposites:  sun and moon, masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, light and dark.

We claim Eros as source, and reweave ourselves back into the vibrant web of life.

On June 20th we will begin a 6 week journey together.  A sacred circle of women expressing, exploring and expanding in a grounded container of unconditional joy and love.

Calling on the intelligence and grace of the circle, we will release old patterns and embrace new practices to change the beliefs embedded in the body, so that we can:

  • Shift from competition and jealousy with other women to the deep joy of kinship
  • Dissolve puritanical notions that pleasure is sinful, or only deserved after hardwork, replacing that with the wisdom of pleasure as a tool of healing, connection and spiritual evolution
  • Reroot ourselves in the natural wisdom of the body and the Earth

Together we will explore how our Sacred Erotic Intelligence is about our sexual pleasure, and the pleasures of everyday life that connect us back to the Soul of the World.  

We will work with the Sacred Feminine archetypes of Lilith, Inanna, and Mary Magdalene to reclaim the Wild Feminine, Sexual Sovereignty & the Initiated Feminine

During this course you will experience

  • Kinship and new friendship with other open-hearted, juicy women
  • The empowerment of simple yet powerful embodiment practices to shift your experience of day to day life
  • The unfolding of your heart’s desires in a safe, loving container
  • A deeper and more accessible connection to Source, through your own body, our circle and the Earth
  • The practical magic of how pleasure, not fear, can be your new compass for a beautiful, joyful and connected life

We begin June 20th with a Solstice opening ritual, and will meet weekly via Zoom to learn, connect, express and explore.  We will also have the privilege of 3-5 guest teachers, women who are experts in sexuality, the dark feminine, soul and purpose, to broaden our perspective and inspire our spirits.  Finally, a private Facebook group gives us an easy way to continue sharing in between calls.

  • June 20th, 2 PM Pacific: Opening Ritual via Zoom
  • June 26th - July 31st, 2 PM Pacific: Weekly Call via Zoom
  • Guest Teachers: Live Broadcasts and/or Recordings, TBA

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