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SourceWell Biodynamic Craniosacral Work

Calm ocean with the text 'SourceWell Biodynamic Craniosacral, Your Life In Flow with Source"

What is the intelligence that operates at the core of your being? Do you have a relationship with that source that feeds you, and is available in times of challenge and change? What would life, love and creating be like if you lived deeply from this place of source and wisdom?

When the conversation around healing gets gunked up by things like consumerism, spiritual bypassing, and the belief that we can heal only we could purify ourselves enough, it can start to feel like there is always one more thing we need to do, buy or get from someone outside of ourselves.  But what if you could cultivate, through receptivity, breath, presence, and relaxation--yes, relaxation--a profound and easy relationship to your innate, living intelligence?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Work is a gentle, nourishing, transformative form of bodywork that naturally brings us into the stream of the Breath of Life as it flows through us.

Even a single session can bring great vitality and a release of stagnant energies, and over time body and soul naturally shift to a more grounded, aligned and sourced pattern that is available in everyday life.  

In my practice I work with visionaries, creatives and healers of all genders to nourish their vitality, release and transform stuck energy, and to connect to flow, creativity, and unconditional embodied love.

Folks who work with me report a sense of deep rest and relaxation, increased clarity, trust in themselves and in life, the ability to stay grounded and to return more easily to equilibrium, and an embodied experience of unconditional love and care.

To bring our visions and dreams, creations and art to life, we must turn to our inner well to drink deeply, rest and revitalize. If you’re curious about how biodynamic craniosacral work can support you, I have a new client* special for you--a 90 minute session for $99:

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Sessions take place at my private studio in North Oakland, with easy street parking and public transportation access.  Please be advised that there are several flights of stairs up to my healing “nest”--if you have accessibility concerns please contact me here.

*If this will be your first craniosacral session with me, even if you’ve seen me for other kinds of bodywork in the past, then the special applies to you, as well :)