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Distance Biodynamic Craniosacral


What is the intelligence that operates at the core of your being? Do you have a relationship with Source that feeds you, and is available in times of challenge and change? What would life, love and creating be like if you lived deeply from this place of source and wisdom?


We are all struggling with the pandemic and all of its related stressors, as well as the on-going injustices of institutionalized oppression.  The ways we have relied on loving touch and in-person connection are mostly not available to us.  How do we source ourselves in these unprecedented circumstances?


Biodynamic Craniosacral Work is a gentle, nourishing, transformative form of bodywork that naturally brings us into the stream of the Breath of Life as it flows through us.


If you are experiencing:

  • Overwhelm, fear, and stagnant thoughts/emotions/energy
  • Trying to hold it together
  • Feeling stuck in coping mechanisms and survival patterns
  • Isolation and retreat

There is more available to you, from the deeper field of life itself, through this work.  


Although typically offered through hands-on touch, biodynamic craniosacral is essentially working with your life force, and works amazingly well as a distance modality. 


Biodynamic Craniosacral provides the opportunity to:

  • Rest as you are held in unconditional love and grounded presence
  • Access flow, trust and heart source connection
  • Connect to your enoughness in the moment while simultaneously opening to creativity, vitality and unseen possibility
  • Bring you into easeful, loving connection and interdependence with yourself, Source and community 


Even a single session can bring great vitality and a release of stagnant energies.  Regular work over time supports body and soul to naturally shift to a more grounded, aligned and sourced pattern available in everyday life.  


Sessions take place via Zoom or the phone.  We have time to drop into connection and share concerns, desires and intentions.  The energy work lasts about 40 minutes, with time for integration at the end.   


**All sessions purchased 11/30 and 12/1 include the Great Mother Essence.**

***Sessions can be given as gifts, and electronic/printable gift certificate available.***


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