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Juicy Genius

What if your pleasure was the key to unlocking your superpowers?

What would become possible through the ecstatic alignment of your body, heart & soul? 

Nothing less than your . . .

Wise ~ Awake ~ In Love & Luscious

How generous would you be with yourself if you knew, in your bones, that it was the key to opening the door of vision, manifesting your dreams & life's work? It's time to stop self-sabotaging the very parts of yourself the world needs the most.

We have been taught, as womxn, to hide our power away. But it is that very power that the world needs right now--every last drop of vision, of creativity, of healing, of radical transformation. 


“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  ― Gospel of Thomas


How do we bring forth that which we have been taught to hide? How do we unleash our full agency, our singular wisdom, our one of a kind genius? The key lies in our sexual sovereignty.  When we claim authentic pleasure, the autonomy over our body and our erotic aliveness, we find the key to our personal and creative agency as well. Can you feel this deep in your body? Your power is intimately tied to how good and fully alive you feel. 

It's time. 

A journey awaits you, one deep inside your body & soul that will ignite your purpose by claiming your pleasure, your sensual aliveness and your sexual sovereignty.

This journey ignites genius, your one-of-a-kind awesomesauce that you came to fully actualize in the world. Imagine the juiciness of living from this place of deep vitality, of connection to Spirit, manifesting your soul gifts with power and ease. 

The 90 Day Pleasure Reset is a journey for powerful women who feel the urgency of their mission and the necessity to live and create from ecstatic overflow. 


This is a good fit if you

  • Know you are ready to elevate your life, love, and work but feel stuck moving past the places that hold you back.

  • Have a strong connection to your body and sexuality, and would like to claim a deeper pleasure and embodiment in a way that allows you to soar.

  • Are tired of the ways you've been conditioned to hold back as a powerful, sensual woman, and want to uproot those imprints so that you are fully wired for pleasure, connection and vitality.

  • Are ready to deeply receive loving attention, somatic coaching and transformational touch in a manner precisely tuned for you and your magic.

  • Want to deepen your connection to the Earth, wild medicine and a community of other Juicy Genius womxn.


What you will experience:

  • The deep nourishment of 9 two hour sessions devoted to bringing the vitality  and wisdom of your erotic intelligence to your whole being through somatic coaching, transformational bodywork, personal ritual.

  • Visionary mentoring by text & email to strengthen the emerging narrative of power and pleasure in your life.

  • Delicious, potent flower & gem elixirs to bring a sensual, practical magic to your daily rituals.

  • Monthly Full Moon Coaching Calls & New Moon Intention Hikes in the East Bay Hills.

  • Integration Support with a Soul Mirror Session (via Zoom) in following month.


Ready to know more? I appreciate that you have a multitude of options for support, and would love to connect to see if this is the right, super juicy journey for you.

You can schedule your complimentary Juicy Genius Consult here


Because Turned-On Womxn Change the World.



PS stay tuned for the forthcoming unleashyourjuicygenius.com 

PPS Join me over on Meetup to stay connected for monthly New Moon Intention Hikes & more!