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Sourcing Sessions

To be sourced is to be rooted in our body and the Earth, to feel the flow of the Breath of Life through our being, and to feel our inner compass connecting us to meaning and movement from our center to the world.


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 As we begin to emerge from the isolation of the pandemic, there is no return to "normal".  The forceful stripping away of in-person community and resources has had us questioning what is it that we have truly been missing, and what was actually not serving us?  How can we not just jump back into "business as usual", but make meaningful embrace of our values and priorities as we are once again able to hug our beloveds and share collective space?  


We need to the space to feel, to be held, to metabolize the great shock of the last year, so that we can calibrate, nourish and orient body and soul to the life we want now.


Sourcing sessions combine touch, soul work, and the wisdom of our plant allies to meet you in this moment, supporting your present time unfolding.  It is time to return to the sweetness of being held by another human, of making space for tears, anger, confusion as we also open to possibility, reunion, and joy.


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Your initial Sourcing session includes

  • A 1/2 hour somatic coaching session where we will ask the sacred questions:  What has been stripped away?  What have I found at my center?What longing is guiding me forward?  Your answers will frame a soul practice to guide your path, as well as choosing a flower essence or anointing oil to work with.
  • A 90 minute biodynamic craniosacral session (in person or distance) of deep listening, gentle touch, and opening into the Breath of Life for grounding, flow, and creativity.
  • A flower essence or anointing oil from the Apothecary to facilitate and nurture the shift from an old pattern of survival to a deeper pattern of your authentic genius, vitality, and thriving.


Somatic coaching sessions are all done by Zoom.  In-person biodynamic craniosacral sessions are available locally in Oakland, CA, and distance sessions available by Zoom anywhere in the world.




Follow-up sessions to continue nourishing your juiciest, most grounded and present you are available: 

Schedule your continuing Sourcing sessions
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