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{Initiated Masculine} Christos Frankincense Anointing Honey

{Initiated Masculine} Christos Frankincense Anointing Honey

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Local Raw Honey, Frankincense (Boswellia spp.) Infused MCT Coconut Oil (oleo-resin), Elixirs of Clear Channel; The King/Generative Sovereignty; The Lover/Embodied Love; The Warrior/Fierce Love, Deep Alignment

Made during the waxing moon, Holy Week 2018

The potential of the Sacred Word to create and heal the world through love: this is what we invoke with this ritual honey. 

An anointing of the tongue so that our communication can be filled with light, this honey carries a particular healing for the masculine in all of us: that we may move from the immature and entitled to the initiated and potent.  

To speak from the Christos, from the initiated and exalted masculine, is to seed the world with power and love, in a respectful, dynamic and juicy dance with the divine feminine. 

Suggested Use: A taste on the tongue before writing, speaking, prayer and ritual, to bring presence, clarity, love and calm to all communication.

2 oz