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"I Had a Bad Day" Self Care Kit

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Made especially for those days when you and your loved ones need some TLC, this self care kit works to ground body and soul, release negative energy, nourish the nervous system, calm the spirit and comfort your inner child.  


The "I Had a Bad Day" Self Care Kit includes:

"I Had a Bad Day" Bath Salts ~ Epsom & Himalayan Salt, Organic Rose Petals, Rescue Remedy Flower Essence, Love Squared Flower & Gem Essence, Organic Lavender Essential Oil (24 oz)

Use this salt potion for your bath to detoxify, destress, bring in unconditional love and nourish your nervous system with necessary minerals.


Calm & Comfort Honey ~ Local Raw Honey, Organic Rose Petals, Vanilla Powder, Organic Rose Essential Oil, Spirit Calm Flower & Gem Essence (4 oz)

Add this delicious vanilla-rose honey to warm milk or tea, drizzle it on fruit or toast, or simply enjoy by the spoonful! Raw honey is a wonder food in and of itself; the Spirit Calm Essence helps us integrate into the body higher levels of energy that can initially feel uncomfortable or unsettled. Vanilla and rose bring in the energy of sweetness, comfort and the Divine Mother. 


Love Squared Flower & Gem Essence Elixir ~ Energy Signature of Lavender & Rose Quartz, Rose Infused Brandy, Raw Honey & Spring Water (also available in a base of spring water & glycerin)

Love² Essence is a vibrational heart tonic.  It nourishes self-love, peaceful relationship with self and others, gentleness, and the love attunement of each chakra.  Love² assists with good boundaries, confidence and the reconnection of the self to the magic of everyday life.  It calms anxiety and stress, and would be a natural essence to follow the use of Rescue Remedy/Five Flower Formula, or any time there has been a disturbance.  Love² brings the vitality of gentle love to all aspects of self and life.


Loving Boundaries Flower Essence Elixir ~ Energy signature of Artichoke, Blackberry, Bleeding Heart, Borage, Bougainvillea, Buddleia, California Poppy, Cecile Brunner Rose, Golden Yarrow, Honeysuckle, Lemon, Nasturtium, Plantain, Pomegranate,Yarrow, & Yellow Rose, Rose Infused Brandy. May 2018, on the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Boundaries are not a static wall. They are the complex web of our yes's and no's, the way we take up our own space, and the landscape of our personality, soul, body and spirit within the context of our community and world.  

When we are fully embodied and present in ourselves, we take up space in a powerful, healthy way, that communicates our boundaries immediately, as well as backing up any words we might use. This essence supports us to shift from a place of collapse to full presence--in our bodies, in our space, in our relationships and out in the world.

This elixir helps us actualize ourselves, be grounded, and get more comfortable with inevitable discomfort of life/conflict/communication in order that we not collapse where we want to be clear and strong.  It facilitates the release of bitterness, resentment and negative thoughts, while also providing an energetic sanctuary to mend our emotional wounds separate from the pressure to 'get over it' and move on. We can find our own closure, relief from the heaviness of the heart and the hurt.  

Loving Boundaries boosts our self esteem and reconnects us to magic and our dreams, aligns the mind with the heart, and allows us to remain sensitive and open while maintaining the integrity of our psychic skin.  If we tend to put up protection, this elixir helps us access a healthy vulnerability in balance with a healthy sense of self.

We can release living in the past while still learning from it, and trusting that the future holds good for us.  Stale thinking transforms to vibrancy, and we can access solution, and resolution, that formerly felt impossible.  We have access to clarity and decisiveness of thought with the ability to take favorable action towards our life and connection with others. Finally, we can connect with the ways we can nourish ourselves, calling in the Divine Mother archetype to be, receive and act in love.

(PS. I'm also working with an essential oil alchemist to create a Loving Boundaries Anointing & Clearing Spray! Look for that in the new year.) 

A Special Guided Meditation I'm creating for this kit to ground, release and bring tender love & compassion to the ouchy spots in body & soul.


Also included is a downloadable guide to how to use your kit!