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Lilith Moon Circle ~ Collaborative Magic Beta

Lilith Moon Circle ~ Collaborative Magic Beta

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Collaborative Magic Betas are an opportunity for lower cost access to the body of Erotic Intelligence Alchemy work. Your investment of commitment, presence, authenticity and courage is a contribution to the easeful birthing of new and magical creations.


Lilith Moon is a portal to reclaim, integrate and celebrate the energy of the Dark Feminine, as both fuel for our evolutionary pleasure and as direct access to Source within our bodies and the body of the world. 

Working with imagery, story, ritual and circle technology, we will get curious about a "bad girl", villainess, dangerous woman or dark goddess who fascinates us. We might find her in any realm of the imagination--ancient myth, Disney films, fiction and fantasy--the only rule is that she can't be someone who was actually living in the modern era.  Just like in the novel and Broadway show 'Wicked', where the true story of the Wicked Witch of the West is revealed, we will uncover the deeper reality of our inner embodiment of the unseen and unwanted feminine.

This is an opportunity to disentangle the poison that capitalism/patriarchy/white supremacy planted in the access points of power--our body, our sexuality and embodied spirit.

No prior experience is necessary; a willingness to get curious, a good sense of humor, personal responsibility and a desire to connect in authentic love and presence are mandatory.


We will meet online via Zoom @9:30 AM PDT on 4 consecutive Fridays beginning May 24th-June 14th, with a final integration circle June 28th.

My preference is that you only sign up for this if you are able to make the circle live, as that is where the greatest source of juice is. However, if you are committed to working the material, listening to the recordings ASAP after each circle, and will participate in the FB group as well as feedback with me, I am open and welcoming of you joining us.

All genders are welcome, with the knowledge that this circle will center the experience of womxn and femme folk.

Your commitment, in addition to the 5 circles and any related explorations, are to engage in reasonable feedback; what is likely is that I will send out a brief questionnaire in the week or so before we begin, and then a feedback form after our integration/feedback Zoom circle.


To sign up you choose your option:

~ Pay It Forward ~ which means you will continue the good energy through an act of service in your community


~ Sliding Scale Donation ~ Suggested $45-95, please send me your donation via this Paypal link:



Thank you for your consideration, your care and your excitement. I look forward to circling with all who feel the call, and please feel free to share this invitation with other kindred souls.


in love & magic,