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Lilith Ritual Kit (Rebel Priestess)

Lilith Ritual Kit (Rebel Priestess)

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Prayer for a Rebel Priestess
(of any gender!)

May she know herself as all parts of the Earth’s body, all parts of Her blood, Her water, Her flow

May she be protected by the most ancient magic--by those who came before, and those that need her to come forth. May she be protected and wise.

May love be in her heart and on her lips, in her hands and in her feet, in her hips and in her womb, in her thoughts and in her heart.  May she be the living light of love.

May she know the true wealth of her being--infinite.

May the pleasures and passions of her body ignite an evolution.

May the true light of knowing pour forth from every cell to heal and nourish the world.

She dances to an ancient future song . . .


Inspired by the evolutionary work of Jessica Hadari, the Lilith Ritual Kit is powerful source of magic and nourishment for visionaries, witches and healers of all genders committed to the sacred sedition of the Divine Feminine.  

This ritual kit will support you to:

  • Release old patterns of fear & scarcity
  • Protect from & transmute negative energy
  • Embrace the wisdom & fierceness of your Wild Feminine energy
  • Integrate & nourish your erotic, creative energy with all of your being
  • Claim prosperity in alignment with healing of the world & your soul 

The kit includes:


Lilith: Sacred Non-Compliance

Energy signature of Jasminum polyanthum, Cannabis sativa, Desert Rose, Green Malachite, Leopard Jasper, Jet, Conch, Quartz, Hematite, Raw Chalcedony, Lepidolite, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline, Snowflake Obidian, Orange Kyanite, & Chalice Well Water. Super Moon in Taurus     {read more about Lilith}

In a base of hibiscus-rose infused vodka, raw honey and spring water. Also available in alcohol free version, glycerin with spring water. 1 oz

Rebel Priestess Bath Salts

Himalayan, Epsom & Sea Salts with Hibiscus, Vervain, Chamomile, Calendula & Rose, plus Essences of Lilith, Cailleach, Hekate, Inanna & Magdalene-Sophia the Beloved. Made during the full solar eclipse of August 2017. 12 fl oz  {read more about Rebel Priestess Bath Salts}

Rose Quartz & Black Tourmaline

Ritually charged during the full solar eclipse of August 2017. Pocket sized to carry with you for protection and nourishment.

Invoking the Sacred Fire

Invoking the Sacred Fire is a channeled invocation that came through me during a potent Magdalene download; it is a poem, a spell, a prayer and a remembering.