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Rebel Priestess Bath Salts

Rebel Priestess Bath Salts

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** Rebel Priestess Bath Salts are currently only available as part of the Lilith Ritual Kit **


Prayer for a Rebel Priestess
(of any gender!)

May she know herself as all parts of the Earth’s body, all parts of Her blood, Her water, Her flow

May she be protected by the most ancient magic--by those who came before, and those that need her to come forth. May she be protected and wise.

May love be in her heart and on her lips, in her hands and in her feet, in her hips and in her womb, in her thoughts and in her heart.  May she be the living light of love.

May she know the true wealth of her being--infinite.

May the pleasures and passions of her body ignite an evolution.

May the true light of knowing pour forth from every cell to heal and nourish the world.

She dances to an ancient future song . . . 

Inspired by the evolutionary work of Jessica Hadari, Rebel Priestess salts are a magical soaking potion for visionaries, witches and healers of all genders committed to the sacred sedition of the Divine Feminine.  

~ Himalayan, Epsom & Sea Salts with Hibiscus, Vervain, Chamomile, Calendula & Rose, plus Essences of Lilith, Cailleach, Hekate, Inanna & Magdalene-Sophia the Beloved, 12 oz by vol ~

Made in full witchy ritual during the August 2017 Solar Eclipse, these limited edition bath salts are designed to release stagnant, old energetic and emotional patterns, allowing higher level patterns of wisdom, power, sexuality, abundance and love to emerge with ease and joy.

Five different alchemical elixirs attune your being to the diverse, high level aspects of the Divine Feminine.  Each elixir carries a unique transmission of transformational energy needed on our planet at this time:

Himalayan, Epsom and Sea Salts help cleanse and remineralize. Hibiscus, Vervain, Chamomile, Calendula and Rose bring the healing properties of the flowers to bathe you in unconditional love, prosperity, protection and clarity.

This potent magical salt can be used anytime you need to release, attune and transform.  Trust your intuition to know how much to use and add additional salts and essential oils if desired. Here are suggestions to pick and choose from to turn your whole bath into a ritual of pleasure and power:

  • Light a candle.
  • State your intention out loud (and as you light a candle).
  • Listen to music or enjoying the silence.
  • Use (water safe) crystals directly in the bath.
  • Pull a tarot card to meditate on and to see what energy/allies are in your field.
  • Self-pleasure to supercharge your intentions.
  • Sit in the bath as it drains and imagining all old energies draining away with the water.  
  • Anointing yourself with oils.
  • Avoiding electronics for awhile afterward, or, if it’s at night, going straight to bed.
  • Paying extra attention to your dreams.

Rebel Priestess Bath Salts are also a part of the Rebel Priestess Ritual Kit