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Renewal Elixirs ~ Love Squared

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Love² Elixir
Rose Quartz & Cecile Brunner Rose (Rosa x Cecile Brunner) Gem & Flower Essence


Love² essence is a vibrational heart tonic.  It nourishes self-love, peaceful relationship with self and others, gentleness, and the love attunement of each chakra.  Love² assists with good boundaries, confidence and the reconnection of the self to the magic of everyday life.  It calms anxiety and stress, and would be a natural essence to follow the use of Rescue Remedy/Five Flower Formula, or any time there has been a disturbance.  Love² brings the vitality of gentle love to all aspects of self and life.

Rose Quartz is found in the Initiated Masculine 'King' and 'Lover' formulas.
Cecile Brunner Rose is found in the Magdalene Trinity ‘Rooted Eros’ formula.

1 oz, in a base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water. Alternately, any elixir can be made with a plain base of glycerin & spring water (alcohol-free).