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Renewal Elixirs ~ Magician's Stone

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Magician’s Stone Elixir
Labradorite Gem Essence
1 oz, In a base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water


All those who create, in any form, are calling upon the archetype of the Magician to assist them in the application of will and vision to potential energy.  Labradorite essence is the perfect assistant, facilitating the integration of intuition and intellect as it calms the mind, raises consciousness and stimulates spiritual desires and insight.  It protects, clears, and balances the aura while also keeping it clear from leaks.  The subtle bodies are aligned, and the connection between the physical and ethereal realms strengthened.  Labradorite essence is perfect to take as a daily support to creativity and magic, as well as an elixir to use before ritual, performance and intense creating periods.


*All elixirs can be made with a plain base of glycerin & spring water (alcohol-free).