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Renewal Elixirs ~ Midline

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Midline Elixir
Desert Rose & Selenite Gem Essence

Our midline is the living energetic structure around which our whole body and being organizes, starting at 14 days conception through our death.  Midline is our access to life force, what in craniosacral we call the ‘Breath of Life’, and as such, we need not look outside ourselves but only need to come to center and be still, to return ourselves to the stream of vitality and wisdom.

The Midline Elixir helps us dissolve old programming that keeps drawing us off our center.  Aligning and clearing both our actual and symbolic spines, this elixir brings flexibility and strength to our nature, helping us to live from the flow of higher frequency energies.  Midline Elixir promotes clarity, cutting through unconscious assumptions and bringing understanding of all levels of a situation.  It strengthens the connection between the conscious self and the deeper mystical self, so that we may live from a grounded sense of higher self.  

Desert Rose is found in the Magdalene Trinity ‘Gift of Presence’ formula and the Snake Wisdom ‘Cailleach’ formula.

1 oz, in a base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water. Alternately, any elixir can be made with a plain base of brandy & spring water, or glycerin & spring water (alcohol-free).