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Renewal Elixirs Set

Renewal Elixirs Set

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The Renewal Elixirs:

Love Squared Elixir
Attune Elixir
Earth Star Elixir
Midline Elixir
Magician's Stone Elixir
Manifest Elixir
Shapeshifter Elixir


 7 x 1 oz

In a base of rose-infused brandy, raw honey & spring water. Alternately, any elixir can be made with a plain base of glycerin & spring water (alcohol-free). 

Love² Elixir: Rose Quartz & Cecile Brunner Rose (Rosa x Cecile Brunner) Gem/Flower Essence

Attune ElixirWitches Broom Kyanite Gem Essence & Chalice Well ‘Power’ Essence

Earth Star Elixir: Cannabis Sativa Flower Essence

Midline ElixirDesert Rose & Selenite Gem Essence

Magician’s Stone Elixir: Labradorite Gem Essence

Manifest Elixir: Blue Apatite Gem Essence

Shapeshifter Elixir: Angelite, Pink Tourmaline, Dravite Tourmaline, Fluorite, Galena, Adularia Moonstone, Soul Star Lemuria, & Quartz Gem Essence

*Full descriptions found in individual essence pages.*