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Soul Anointing Oil Trio

Soul Anointing Oil Trio

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Soul Anointing Oil Trio:
Recognizing our being as fully holy and sacred

Lourdes Anointing Oil

Lavender Infused MCT Coconut Oil with Lavender Essential Oil

This MCT (coconut) oil was made with lavender flower and essential oil from the Pyrenees that I found during my pilgrimage to Lourdes.  It brings the blessings of the Divine Mother and is calming to body and spirit. It soothes nervous and overstimulated energies, supporting the coherence of body and spirit to facilitate spiritual sensitivity and refined awareness with stable bodily health.

Brigid’s Healing Oil

Organic Olive Oil Infused with St. John’s Wort & California Bay Leaf & Flower

Medicinally infused with wildcrafted St. John’s Wort, Summer Solstice 2017, and magically infused with wildcrafted California Bay Laurel February 2018

This organic olive oil was medicinally infused with wildcrafted St. John’s Wort, Summer Solstice 2017, and then magically infused with California Bay Laurel over Imbolc 2018. It brings the blessings of Brigid and upon all that she protects: women and birth, poetry, and smithing/craft. It helps us to fully embody the radiance of Spirit throughout our bodies, without overwhelm, illness or hypersensitivity.  Frees the body/mind from patterns of enslavement to claim our sovereignty and creativity. Evokes creativity, healthy birth (of children and dreams), clarity, and beauty in communication.

Divinity Anointing Oil

Frankincense Oleo-Resin in MCT Oil

Made Easter Week 2018

Frankincense is commonly remembered as one of the gifts of the Magi to Christ, and was given to him to acknowledge his divinity. As an anointing oil and spiritual/magical ally, you can use this oil to strengthen connection with Spirit in the body, to aid Body/Spirit connection in ritual, and to create safe space within yourself for the work that needs to be done for your own healing & transformation. Our world is suffering because we have collectively forgotten the holiness of our very bones, of each blade of grass, each winged being, the waters and winds. But by treating ourselves--or our loved ones, or clients--in ways that reinstate that loving reverence, perhaps we can create a critical mass and tip the scales back into sacred health and well-being.