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Soul Mothering Circle: Making Space for Core Desire

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We have been taught we are too much, too loud, too strange, because we do not fit into neat boxes of gender, because our desire is passionate and wild, because our bodies come in all shapes and colors.

We have been fed a story that to be sensual and alive is shameful, that unless we conform we will never fit in, or know love and kinship as our true selves.

But we were never meant to fit in.  We were meant to belong.  And belong only comes when we are grounded in the beautiful diversity of our human selves.  

Each human carries what I name ‘Core Desire’ within them, the authentic embodiment of gender and sexuality woven with our attachment experience, our connection to the Earth, our bodies, and community.

The suppression of this erotic vitality is the suppression of our life force, our creativity, and our power to heal and change the world.

To claim your Core Desire is an act of liberation for self, and other.  It is also an act of pleasure and deep love.

Every person who is brave enough to take another step forward makes space for all to come out, to be affirmed and celebrated. 

And, we do not do this alone. The internal work of knowing and claiming is affirmed by the welcome of our community.  We do this work together, calling on our collective wisdom, making room for grief and joy, confusion and insight, pain and pleasure.

If you are called to go deeper into your authenticity, to express and embody the beauty and power of your Core Desire, but are experiencing:

  • Isolation and overwhelm
  • Impostor syndrome and internalized gatekeeping
  • Disconnection from your body, and the body of the Earth
  • Conflict between your need for safety and your need for expansion and growth
  • Feeling stuck, frozen, and confused

 I warmly invite you to join us.  

To soul mother ourselves we must recognize and feed our hunger. 

Like the caterpillar, we learn how to trust that hunger, how get bigger, take up more space (not less!), and move one step at a time toward our inevitable metamorphoses.

As you grow your capacity to honor what feeds your sensual, embodied soul, and make that a priority, there is more love, more connection, more life waiting for you.

As we tend our wounds and explore our wings together, you will experience:

  • The real knowing that you are enough, that you have permission to evolve, and that you belong in a community founded on love, kindness, and curiosity
  • Greater freedom to explore who you really are, and be celebrated in both your exploration and emerging insight
  • The security, gentleness, and love for yourself arising out of soul mothering
  • Increased confidence and satisfaction in listening to your intuition and inner soul guidance to follow your path
  • A renewed and deepened connection to the Earth
  • Increasing erotic vitality and sensual embodiment


The beauty of soul mothering practices is that they are both foundational and deepening, and so this circle is both for those taking first courageous steps as well as those ready to strip away more layers.   

Over the course of 7 months we explore, practice, and embody 6 main themes (your 7th month is a return to the 1st theme):

  • Reweaving the Sacred:  Connection to Earth & Her rhythms, working with an altar, daily soul practices, Core Desire Creative Practice
  • Working with Guiding Story:  Expanding our internal narrative, working with myth, symbols, and story, Bonus book club: The Secret Garden as Soul Story
  • Soul Mothering our Embodied Self:  Learning to listen to the wisdom of the body, developing compassion, discernment, and welcome for all of our lost parts
  • Nourishing our Pleasure Compass:  Creating consent & coherence by honoring our Yeses and Nos as we explore sensual aliveness
  • Cultivating Erotic Vitality Leaning into the potency of our erotic fire
  • Rooting ~ Euphoria & Integration:  Celebrating queer/erotic joy, cultivating gender euphoria, honoring & integrating our journey, envisioning our next steps


The Soul Mothering Circle is specifically queer-centered, because we are necessary and beautiful mirrors for each other.  Seeing the diversity and commonality of our experiences helps us make sense of and re-organize our self-knowing, step by step, into greater wholeness.

This circle welcomes all LGBTQIA people, and women of all sexualities, committed to dismantling the oppression of compulsory heterosexuality, heteronormativity, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, and racism.  


Your circle includes

  • 2 monthly virtual circles to learn, practice, and share in community, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 6:15-8:30 Pacific
  • A dedicated Facebook group to continue the conversation, ask questions, and share your journey
  • Bonus Book Club: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Book sent out with your 1st ritual kit.  2 meeting times TBD.


Small Group Coaching Option:  For those desiring more depth of support, a small group (max 6) will meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 6:15-8:30.  A 2nd time/date is possible with enough interest. 


The circle and small group coaching (max 6) open every three months for new members:

  • February 2022 (currrently enrolling), 1st circle is 2/2/22
  • May 2022
  • August 2022
  • November 2022
  • February 2023

Open enrollment lasts all month.  You may claim your space for the next circle/small group by paying your deposit in any month preceding the next open enrollment.

If you are a 1-1 or VIP client, this circle is included in your package.


Payment Options:

For the circle there are three levels of accessibility to make this work available to as many people as possible:

  • Nourish:  7 monthly payments of $77, or a single payment of $499.  Nourish is for anyone experience economic instability/need.

  • Sustain:  7 monthly payments of $99, or a single payment of $633.  Sustain is for anyone experiencing economic stability.

  • Uplift:  7 monthly payments of $144, or a single payment of $933.  Uplift is for anyone experiencing economic abundance, and helps support the Nourish level.

For small group coaching there are two levels of accessibility:

  • Nourish: 7 monthly payments of $399, or a single payment of $2495. 2 spots

  • Sustain: 7 monthly payments of $599, or a single payment of $3795.  4 spots.

  • The small group coaching option includes the circle.
  • If you want to do a single payment for the small group coaching I will invoice you directly.