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The Red Thread: Mary Magdalene & the Alchemical Path of Embodied Love

The Red Thread: Mary Magdalene & the Alchemical Path of Embodied Love

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A 6 Month Erotic Magic & Personal Transformation Mastermind for Women


Join our free initiation call to begin your transformation.


The path of Mary Magdalene is an alchemical path, where all that we have been taught is profane becomes sacred again through our loving attention and transformative fires.

Sex, money, birth, death, the body, the Earth--what would it be if we held these all as sacred expressions of the Divine on Earth?

You are a powerful co-creatrix--we need you to step even more fully into your power, your pleasure, your alignment. Together we will create an inner sanctuary where the deep work of dissolving stagnant old patterns, and nurturing new, dynamic ways of being is an act of pleasure and power. 

The Magdalene has asked us to bring this work forward, together. We stand in the fires with you, offering to the heat of our passion all that we have been taught is profane. With pleasure and love, our bodies, our blood, our Earth, and our sex are made whole and sacred once again.

Unlike many courses, this will not be an intellectual exercise. Together we will journey, breathe, make magic and ritual, dance, laugh, cry and rise like the phoenixes we were born to be. 

Calling on the darkening cycle of the year, we will spiral into our depths, surrendering to the mysteries, and spiral out again, carrying the devotional gold of our shadow dance.  

Your six month journey includes:

  • A Magdalene Ritual kit, including Magdalene-Sophia The Beloved healing elixir, and other magical tools charged specifically for this journey together
  • Powerful monthly transmissions of Magdalene wisdom and alchemical healing**
  • Monthly guest teachers to broaden and deepen the possibilities for your unique path
  • A juicy community of powerful women to explore, discuss and soar with (private Facebook group)
  • Weekly integration emails with explorations and invitations to support your unfolding
  • First access to special products and offerings as they unfold, such as new elixirs, hands-on healing & high level coaching


Registration opens September 8th. We have two more free initiation calls, on September 8th and 12th. There will be a recording if you cannot make it live.

Our first meeting as a group is on September 20th, and registration closes on the 28th.

If you have questions you are invited to schedule a free chat with me:

Will you create with us a new world where the sacredness of our bodies and the Earth is brought to the forefront, and pleasure guides the way?


Initial fee of $197
+ 5 monthly payments of $97*
One payment of $642
*Monthly payments will be via Paypal invoice
**All calls/teachings will be recorded